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ArtStudioPro 1.35


TwistingPixels ArtStudioPro Bundle v1.35
(Standalone and Adobe Photosop plug-in)
Convert photos into a water color painting, drawing or oil painting impression!

ArtStudoPro Bundle contains ArtStudoPro Vol.1 and ArtStudoPro Vol.2
Convert photos into a water color painting or drawing!
ArtStudoPro Volume 1 includes: Colored Pencil, Crayon, Marker, Technical Pen and Watercolor.
Supporting effects: Colored Pencil Brush, Colored Pencil Fill, Colored Pencil Inside, Colored Pencil Outside, Colored Pencil Outline, Colored Pencil Shade Outline, Crayon Brush, Crayon Inside, Crayon Outside, Marker Brush, Marker Outside, Marker Strokes, Paper Texture, Restore Original, Technical Pen Brush, Technical Pen Outline, Underlayment, Watercolor Base, Watercolor Blend Strokes, Watercolor Brush, Watercolor Details, Watercolor Dry Strokes, Watercolor Wash and Watercolor Wet Strokes.

Convert photos into an oil painting impression!
ArtStudoPro Volume 2 includes: Oil Painting, Oil Pastel, Chalk, Charcoal and Finger Painting.

Supporting effects: Chalk Outline, Chalk Smudge, Charcoal Outline, Charcoal Smudge, Oil Pastel Details, Oil Color, Oil Details and Oil Brush.

Products run as a stand-alone application as well as a plug-in.
Host applications:
- Adobe Photoshop 7.0 or later
- Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 or later
- Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004 or later
- Corel (Jasc) Paint Shop Pro 8 or later.


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