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Torrent Tracker List

This torrent tracker list is a comprehensive BitTorrent site directory. The list below contains all BitTorrent sites that are currently online and functioning properly. It includes BitTorrent sites that have their own torrent tracker, but also torrent search sites that index and allow you to search for torrents hosted by other trackers.
Each site is automatically and regularly checked; open up the details page of a site to see when the site was last checked or when the next check is. You can pull up a page with detailed information and statistics for every torrent tracker and site in the list by clicking on the name of the site. Next to the site name you can already find some key information about the torrent tracker.
You can personalize your torrent tracker list to fit your needs. Just define one or more different criteria using the controls in the table header, the torrent tracker list will automatically refresh and show you the results. You can also click on a column name, this will reorder your list instantly. You can switch between ascending and descending order for each column.
In the last column of the list you can see the rating that is automatically generated for each torrent tracker site. Our software regularly checks the announce urls of all torrent trackers to see how well they're performing. If the rating is high (up to three green hearts), it means the trackers is always up and running. The rating continues until it reaches an average rating of one orange heart, after that it degrades even further until there is only one red heart left.


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